Attestato di comparabilità del titolo estero - titolo scolastico finale (Sample of the document)

Service Announcement: please note that the service will be closed from the 20th of December 2019 to the 6th of January 2020. The closing period also concerns statement services required through the diplome platform. The service will re-start on the 7th of January 2020. Please note that the days of closure will not be counted as part of the time guaranteed for release of statements.

This document contains general information related to the foreign school leaving qualifications in order to enrol in university courses at the University of Piemonte Orientale, such as the recognition of the institution that issued the document in the country of origin, the duration of the entire schooling period, the possibility to access with such qualification to same courses in the foreign system, and any other relevant information in order to allow the evaluation of the qualification to enrol at Italian university courses according to the rules of our system.

Comparability means the indication of the level of foreign qualification in reference to the levels of the European Qualifications Framework and considering the rules of comparison of foreign school qualifications to the Italian school leaving qualification (known as Diploma di Maturità). Such comparison does not imply the formal recognition of foreign qualification within the Italian system, but it is an useful recommendation to the Italian institutions that have to evaluate the foreign qualification within recognition procedures: the Statement of comparability has the form of an advice, and does not bind the institutions during their own procedures of assessment and recognition.

The service is only available for official secondary school leaving qualifications (officially being part of the foreign national system of school education and suitable to enrol in the university courses) issued by foreign official institutions (recognised / accredited in the foreign education system).

The Statement is only available in Italian language.

In order to receive the Statement, please fill in the Application form, attaching a copy in PDF format (max 2MB) of the following original documents related to the foreign qualification, as issued by the foreign institution:

  1. ID document (passport or ID card);
  2. diploma in original language;
  3. certificate of school subjects (transcript) of the last two years in original language;
  4. certificate that attests the student has passed the national exam to access to university studies (if any) according to the national rules of the foreign system concerned (i.e. Selectividad in Spain, Prova de Aferiçao or Prova Geral de Acesso ao Ensino Superior in Portugal, etc.);
  5. translation in Italian or English of the three documents mentioned in points 2, 3 and 4: please note that translations are not required in case the documents are produced directly in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin by the institution.
  6. consent form for release of information, (download here the file to be attached to the application form duly filled in and signed).

In addition to the standard documentation indicated, CIMEA reserves the rights to require additional documentation in order to better understand each element of the foreign qualification.

The online procedure will be concluded exclusively through formal acceptance by CIMEA and only after having received all the required documentation and sent it in a readable PDF format (including any additional documentation).

CIMEA - NARIC Italia will send the digital copy of Statement of Comparability to the applicant and the University of Piemonte Orientale in 15 working days from the acceptance of the request and once all the necessary documentation has been received (including any additional documentation). No documentation can be delivered in person at the CIMEA offices.

The information regarding the conditions and costs of the service are available in the Application form.

CIMEA assign a code to each Statement to be used for any communication regarding the Statement of comparability by the applicant and useful for institution in order to verify the document issued by CIMEA.

15 working days from the acceptance of the request, or from the delivery of additional documentation if requested by CIMEA.

The cost of each Statement of comparability, including the service of verifying the title, for the qualifications to be presented to the University of Piemonte Orientale only is:
- 180 € (VAT included) for each Statement.

Note: the service is exclusively dedicated to foreign qualifications of the educational sector officially recognised/accredited in the foreign country. The document produced has the value of non-legally binding advice and it does not entail any obligation for institutions or third parties. NARIC Italia will not carry out the service for the qualification of non-official institutions and for courses that are not officially accredited within the territory of the country of reference. Elements within the Statement related to the foreign qualification are based on an evaluation of CIMEA’s experts. CIMEA reserves the right to refuse the request to issue documents concerning foreign qualifications that are not considered officially part of a foreign system or in case it is not possible to access to recognition procedures in Italy for unquestionable opinion of CIMEA itself, holding the 40% of the total amount in order to cover the administrative costs.

For further information about our service please send an email to