CIS – University of Brescia is a service offered to the holders of foreign qualifications in order to evaluate them with the purpose of enrolling at University of Brescia.

For further information about our service please send an e-mail to

NARIC Italia, thanks to its expertise in the field, offers the following services:
Foreign qualifications to be presented to the University of Brescia:
Attestato di comparabilità del titolo estero - titolo universitario
[Statement of comparability - university qualification]
Attestato di comparabilità del titolo estero - titolo scolastico finale
[Statement of comparability - secondary school leaving qualification]
Note: NARIC Italia offers its services exclusively for university degrees and qualifications of foreign systems and for high secondary school leaving qualifications obtained abroad, in order to enrol in the courses of the University of Brescia. The NARIC Italia documents have the form of non-legally binding advices, therefore they do not entail any obligation for the institutions or third parties regarding the content and the outcome of the final evaluation.

People with refugee status, holders of protection or prisoners can contact CIMEA to the following address in order to verify the possibility to obtain the statement free of charge.